Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Vespere Vintage Debut Look Book

Vespere Vintage Grand Opening Documentary
We hope you all enjoy this video CASSTRONAUT put together to explain why she chose to open Vespere Vintage! This film includes behind the scenes of our photo shoots, a short interview with Cassie, the making of the golden Victorian screens Cassie assembled, and of course items that are available in the shop right now! Read more and see the full debut look book on our blog:
Posted by Vespere Vintage on Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Model: Cassie Meder
Photography:  Seth Farmer
Hair & Makeup: Hannah Farmer
BTS videography: Delaney Royer
Videography: John Soares & Cassie Meder
Music: Lykanthea
Most items available now at Vespere Vintage.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who was so kind and patient throughout the process of opening my store, Vesepere Vintage. I couldn't have made this what it is without the patience and support of my husband, and his understanding and acceptance of my taking over our office with boxes of clothes. And to everyone who provided their talents in making this possible. To Seth for being a trooper and for really *getting* my style, to Amber and Hannah for making sure I didn't die on our shoot, to Delaney for capturing all the chaos, and to Lakshmi for providing her beautiful music.

One thing I didn't have the time to mention in the film above is my growing frustrating with the fast fashion industry. In 2013 I became aware of my guilt in sustaining this dirty, unethical stain on our society simply by not thinking about my purchases from regular department stores and wholesale manufacturers in China for my every growing need of "basics". It wasn't until I saw The True Cost earlier this year when I realized something was irrefutably wrong about our consumption of textiles and indifference toward factory workers. Coincidentally I had already began to work on Vespere Vintage with the planet and ethics in mind, but The True Cost made me really believe in what I could do with this store. I had become very wary of who to trust as a consumer, so I decided that old, used, and recycled was probably the safest route. My hope for Vespere Vintage is to encourage adoption of clothing, rather than consumption and regurgitation. To find permanent homes for lovely well loved garments, rather than encourage massive rotting graves of cloth.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Advocata Evæ

By Cassie Meder. 2015. 
Various sized limited edition prints are now available here.

This piece was commissioned by some of my favorite fashion forward folks! We will soon have more news on the extension of our collaboration at the end of the year!

In the mean time, I thought I'd take a moment to shine a bit of light on the inspiration for this image. This year I've been very drawn to Marian art (halos on everything), and how she is usually found to be depicted simultaneously as the nurturing mother, the melancholy Queen of Heaven, and an overall fierce woman. An image of my dear friend Kindra reminded me of the feelings Marian art instills in me. My friend is very close to nature, as is Our Mother, and I find it to be no coincidence! What a rich love it is to have for nature, but also a sad weight as the responsibilities for natural life are so unbalanced nowadays. Both women are advocates for humans, our home, and for the self of the beyond that can only be achieved through love. That is why one of Mary's many names is ADVOCATA EVÆ, in Latin, or in English, Advocate of Eve. See what I did there? Tada!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Photography and everything else by Casstronaut
Ropework by Rohmy
Sheer lace up bodysuit by Widow
This is one of the larger attempts at expanding my photography work and I'm quite pleased with the results! Usually photographing myself is an emotional and logistical struggle. I live in a fairly small space that I've turned into a live-in set, so space can be very limiting and sometimes impossible at times. Because of that, it's tricky to create the perfect composition combination that's both flattering, interesting, and showcases the items I'm trying to shoot well. I'm so inspired by the work of my friend Myriam of Rohmy Couture that it all fell together so naturally and seamlessly. My husband John usually helps me take photos, but yesterday he was home sick and confined to the Netflix dungeon, so I took to myself as not to murder him in a tiny room with hot lights. I of course made a huge mess of my bedroom and taking a handful of photos took nearly five hours, but I'm so pleased with the result! Especially considering all the black! I've only tried to shoot in front of my bedroom curtains once, but it was futile as black on black on black on black usually just doesn't fly. But enough of that. Look at Myriam's amazing work!
Speaking of! Rohmy and I will be doing a giveaway very soon! She will kindly be gifting one of her ropework harnesses to one lucky lady. Be sure to scope out our instagram accounts frequently to be the first to know!
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