Sunday, January 31, 2016

Treasures of Earth | Art Film by Cassie Meder

Directed, filmed, and edited by Cassie Meder
Starring Alexa Lipman 
With the voice and poetry of Segovia Amil 
Music by Kai Engel 
Featuring select pieces from Vespere Vintage
Styling and location provided by Alexa Lipman
Hair and makeup by Hannah Farmer

| Read more about this film on Velvit Vault |

This film was shown at both of Velvit's recent events in Chicago with an amazingly warm welcome and an overwhelming response! Thanks so much to Jaimie for such divine treatment of my work.
I'd especially like to thank Segovia Amil for putting in so much time and a killer performance into such a small project with such little notice. She really glued this project together and gave it the depth it needed.

Photography by Carolina Rodriguez for the Inside Outfit's premiere of Treasures of Earth

 Setting up and testing the night before the premiere at Rhine Hall.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

72 Hour Print Release

[Until Friday, January 29th, 8pm CST]
(A cut off before January 29th is possible as I can only fulfill so many orders by myself!)

Last summer I was shocked to find out that near the 3rd anniversary of the official extinction of the Western Black Rhinoceros, there was only ONE male Northern White Rhinoceros left worldwide. It's reported that every 7 hours a rhino is killed for his horns. Along with that sad news, thanks to poaching, another 8/10 elephants are taken for their tusks, only the other two are able to die of natural causes. The war against poaching is an expensive 24/7 job, but I'm so glad I recently came across Rhinos Without Borders, an organization aiming to conserve, relocate, and replenish the rhinoceros population by moving them further north and to educate those of us who don't understand the dire consequences of obliterating a species to make trinkets.

My goal is to donate 25% of the profits of these prints to Rhinos Without Borders, with my highest goal being a contribution of $500. The number sold within the 72 hour release will determine the number in the edition, but I hand embellish all of these prints myself, so I may cut off the release if I sell more than my little fingers can make.
As I said before, the process takes a very long time, so all orders will be fulfilled after 2/21/2016 with expected delivery of early March. And because of the hand embellished process, some slight variation is expected. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Art Retirement Announcement

This is bittersweet, exciting, and scary! I will be retiring over 70% of the items in my shop... 
Over 40 limited edition prints of low quantities will be discontinued possibly forever to make room for some bigger and better projects coming up in 2016. All items are gorgeous high quality art prints from 2012-2015 and are priced at under $30 USD.
All items going into retirement will be available unt
il 12/30/2015 or until supplies last.

This is primarily a year end sale, so most items will be arriving after Christmas - unfortunately the deadlines for Christmas orders have already passed.
But, if you are located within the states and order before 12/19 there may be a chance that your items will arrive before Christmas. And of course expedited shipping options are always an option!

I would really appreciate you taking a look at the CLEAR OUT section in my shop; any sales made at this time will be a great aid in my time producing my next collections of artwork.

Thanks so much to everyone for your continued support. There's no way I would be here, making this huge decision, with the ability to go into a cocoon and create without your hungry hearts and praise.

All my best,
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